Every second is unique,
Every hour a journey.
A day is almost a lifetime,
A year is an eternity.

And yet we all live through it,
Surviving through each hour,
Savouring the days that have gone,
Anticipating the days that will come.

Just one reason for which we live:
Change; Wielder of the Sword of Time
It is always there, will always be,
Cutting off the cobwebs of stagnancy.

Change is omnipresent, omnipotent,
It is wonder, it is progress,
It is destruction, it is death,
We all are under its command.

Yet it is beauty itself,
It is the creator of the unknown,
The unknown that prompted thoughts,
Thoughts, and feelings, and the arts.

And thus I bid a thankful farewell,
To the river that can cut through steel,
To the winds of metamorphosis,
To the choir of the past and the future.

For the time is here,
The last change I need to go through,
My last odyssey, my final countdown,
Time is precious, but no longer of essence,

Constructive Criticism is Valued.

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