Fire and Ice – A Poem

Oft the days of warmth come calling,
With benevolence, love, kindness,
They smile with their twinkling eyes,
The world: a beautiful lair for life.

Oft the days of coolth come calling,
With carefree joy, without sorrow,
Light breeze; full smiles all around,
The world: a timeless vacation.

Oft the days of fire come calling,
With armies of death and hate,
Sheer torture thunders the youth,
The world: torn, killed, destroyed.

Oft the days of ice come calling,
With slow weapons of hatefulness,
Malevolent icy stares everywhere,
The world: a desolate nothingness.

Robert Frost first brought up the eternal duel of fire and ice, and this is my own attempt, albeit crude and comparatively tasteless, to expand on that duel.

Constructive Criticism is Valued.

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